Okeeze Artography was originally founded in Greensboro, North Carolina in  the fall of 2010 and migrated its base of operations to Richmond, Virginia in the spring of 2015. Okeeze Artography (OKA) is owned and operated by myself, Diedrik White ; specializing in portrait photography. My I've always had an art-centric sensibility toward life. My Fine-Art and Photography education helped craft a  distinctive eye married with a learned technical ability that wet my palette  for fashion, glamour and portrait photography.  The Okeeze Artography brand is the culmination of "Passion, Imagination, Creativity and Soul." It is my mission to  craft every project into fruition from beginning to the end and offer the professionalism and attention to detail you deserve when making a major investment. If you have questions feel free to ask. AQM. "All Questions Matter". Call 336-618-PICS (7427)Monday - Friday 7am-9pm , Saturday 7am-5pm EST or Email me 24/7 at info@okeezeartz.com and i'll promptly respond within 24 hours!

I'm also a father of one. A formerly active Unitied States Marine, and a lover of food. Thank you for visiting Okeeze Artography :-)